Zoo Hockey League is a unincorporated not-for-profit association. It was founded in 1970 with four teams, replacing Toyote Hockey League.

In 2011, several teams left ZHL for a number of reasons. Most of the former teams did however come back on April 6, 2012. Later Vabam Slakers, Toyote Jackets and Backoytte Pirates decided to leave ZHL because of the president's comment about having two teams in the same town.

List of teams Redigera

Current Redigera

The two lowest teams of each season will be relegated to Yurkish Super Hockey League. Other teams in red will leave the league because their interest has dropped to the point where they will stop to play after the end of that season.

Team Home arena Points
Vabam Slices Vabam Arena 1095
Repo City Team Lijaq Kbamika 824
St. Vallas Aliens 697
Backoytte Centers 589
Ballas Stars 402
Veivuo Stars Weiuqi Arena 102
Jallas Hamsters 101
Ydít HC 82
IK JözViro 79
IK Gurinto 75
Toyote Mungers 74
HK Häslö 48
IC Heszérintiti 6
Gúnlmttto IC 1
HC Svarta Hästen 1
[Nartyork VX Tneovai Arena -

Separate Redigera

These teams never play in the main league, and cannot be relegated to Yurkish Super Hockey League. More than one team from the same town can play here, unlike in the normal league.

Team Home arena Points
Vabam Slakers Vabam Arena .2 1091
Backoytte Pirates 947
Tallas Monsters Reserved Arena for Tallas Monsters 799
Toyote Jackets 794
Backoytte Stoners 792

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