Windows Server 2004 (codenamed Hollywood Server and Jaguar) is a fake Windows operating system that was started in 1997. On August 25, 2004 it was released to home users.

History of Windows Server 2004 codename Redigera

Hollywood Server Redigera

This was started on December 27, 2000 and merged with Jaguar in 2004 to release Windows Server 2004.

Jaguar Redigera

The original codename. This was started on June 10, 1997 as Jaugar but was renamed Jaguar on July 18, 2000 due to bad name. In 2004, it was merged with Hollywood Server to release Windows Server 2004.

Features new to Windows Server 2004 Redigera

  • Windows Movie Maker Update 3.2: Includes a g-major effect and one video named This Video Needs Effects to work!
  • Server Antivirus (an secret that was not included in Windows Server 2003)
  • Control and Edit Your Server: Allow user to edit the system.

Removed features Redigera

  • Classic start menu is removed. That was still included in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Notes Redigera

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