Vabam Lie

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Vabam Lie
Vabam Lie
Location in Capital Region
Location in Capital Region

Vabam Lie (Japanese: フリーアリー Furīarī, former name: フリーア-リー Furīa - rī, Vabam-lie) (prior to June 7, 2006 Vabamlie) was an animal treatment business located some kilometres north-east of Neuhnaxeun, not so far away from Vabam. It operated from March 1, 1930 to July 31, 2008. It closed down because it was discovered there were problems with some animals.

It is also a grand parish, with the Friendly Ally Headquarters and Allyé Itsez being located in the extreme south, bordering Ghes'a mër.

Name origin Redigera

The name spelling has been recorded a few times:

  • 1745: Ŀiaa
  • 1869: Vebim-lie
  • 1986: Vabam-lie

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