Trade Aero Studios
The logo of Trade Aero Studios used since 1988
The logo of Trade Aero Studios used since 1988

Trade Aero Studios (also known as just simply Trade Aero) is a Yurkish company. The company was founded in 1972 and BNS Games Studios was merged into it in 1988. Trade Aero Studios was the secondary owner of Invasa Pictures Television from 1983 until 1987.

A minor issue with Trade Aero Studios was that their game company (now closed) used from 1997-2001 the name Trade Aero Studios. The main company didn't show up until the end of 2001, following the renaming of the then game company Trade Aero Studios to Trade Aero Games which was shortened to TAG Games (TAG is meant to be TAS, using the full name "Trade Aero Games Games" is weird, so don't talk about it).

Companies that Trade Aero Studios is owning/has owned Redigera

  • TAG Games (1991 - February 26, 2011) (rumors said Fria företagen closed them down)
  • Trade Aero Computer (June 10, 1999 - November 1, 2012)