TV Kristian is a television channel that is owned by Kristian AB, Thevmedia and kkrillepapa AB and since December 2012 also by Hokk tv (current owner of Tvk hokk & Syd tv, formerly TVK Syd). It was lanuched in 1974 as part of the Invasa brand, however the channel didn't survive the 1995 Invasa brand closing. The channel was relanuched in July 1995 as TV Kristian. The current channel was lanuched on September 11, 2005. It was called "9/11 four kristian" that day. The next day, however, "TVK" appeared on the screen.

Thevmedia has sued kkrillepapa AB for trying to sue them for several reasons. Thevmedia classified TV Kristian as a disputed lawsuit channel. It is likely that Thevmedia will answer back by taking down all channels (except TVK News, TVK Live 1/2/3/4 as well as their HD channel.) on August 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM, no matter if kkrillepapa tries to stop them. All channels have the Thevmedia Channel Lock System, which cannot be removed because it requires a special password, and this requires everyone to look through the web camera, which comes up automatically, if denied, they cannot remove it.

In 2012, Thevmedia sued kkrillepapa after he tried to sue them for breaking some rules, and on June 30, 2013, both Thevmedia and kkrillepapa sued each other. This is what Thevmedia calls "disallowed".

On August 17, 2013 kkrillepapa claimed he had a protection system so called "Protection System", but Thevmedia has removed it anyway. kkrillepapa claimed he removed Thevmedia Channel Lock System, but he couldn't, because of the requirement of a password, which he does not know. After talking too much about anything, Thevmedia sued kkrillepapa for $2 000 000 and closed the channels, including the channels they did not want to take down, but Hokk tv's channels would remain (this company's channels was to be taken by kkrillepapa, but Thevmedia stopped this).

Logo history Redigera

TV Kristian (1974 - 1995) Redigera

1974 - 1992 Redigera

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1992 - 1995 Redigera

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TV Kristian (1995 - 2005) Redigera

1995 - 2001 Redigera

TV Kristian Logo 1995

The "TV" font was later used for the 2005 logo.

2001 - 2005 Redigera

TV Kristian Logo 2001

TV Kristian (2005 - ) Redigera

September 11, 2005 - January 8, 2008 Redigera

TV Kristian 2005

On September 11, 2005 TV Kristian was lanuched as TVK (which stands for TV Kristian). The logo contained "TV" with a "K" added. The font used was "Krille Font".

January 8, 2008 - April 15, 2011 Redigera

TV Kristian 2008

On January 8, 2008 TVK got a new logo that looks like the ABC1 logo, but this logo had the colour green

April 15, 2011 - April 16, 2011 Redigera

TV Kristian 2011

On April 15, 2011 the channel was renamed TV Kristian Party, because it was a weekend.

April 17, 2011 - April 22, 2011 Redigera

TV Kristian 2008

On April 17, 2011 at 7:00 AM the name was reverted back to TV Kristian

April 22, 2011 - September 4, 2011 Redigera

TV Kristian New Logo

However, on April 22, 2011 a new logo was seen. It now contains the "TV" at the top and "Kristian" at the bottom.

Later, on June 18, 2011, two new channels were launched (TVK Fotboll and TVK Racing). Also, TVK Sport was also launched. The old channel Kristian Sport was closed down and replaced by TVK Sport. TVK Fakta was launched too. It's logo would be kept for the next months until March 2012.

On August 9, 2011 when Kristian was seen live in his own room he said that a new channel will be launched as GameKristian, though he didn't say the name.

September 4, 2011 - October 14, 2011 Redigera

TV Kristian Logo 2011

On September 4, 2011 TV Kristian debuted with a new logo. Also, TVK Sport, TVK Fotboll, TVK Racing and GameKristian were rebranded too. At the same time, GameKristian was renamed TVK Gaming.

October 14, 2011 - March 19, 2012 - Redigera

TV Kristian Logo oct11

On October 14, 2011 TV Kristian debuted with a new logo once again. This time, the logo is using the Mario font. At the same time, TVK Party along with TVK Action, TVK Sport Xtra, TVK Hits, TVK Drama, TVK Emotion, TVK Movies, TVK Extra, TVK Family, TVK Series, TVK Comedy, TVK LIVE! (using the September 4, 2011 logo), Radio Kristian and TVK HD (lanuched on November 17, 2011) was lanuched too.

March 19, 2012 - January 25, 2013 Redigera

TV Kristian Logo 2012

On March 19, 2012 Globe Television updated the logos for all TVK channels. All channels got their own letter. TV Kristian got "T" as it's own letter. It does still broadcast stuff that isn't used on the other channels. TVK Fakta's logo was changed. It's previous logo was used even since the launch of it.

TVK Syd was brought by Hokk tv. It was rebranded as Syd tv/Ost tv. At the same time, Thevmedia decided to split off that channel. The new will be called TVK Syd while the original will be called Syd tv. Later on Thevmedia decided to kill the new channel but keep the old channel.

Most channels had a letter on their logo. A rule said that the letter theme is only counted if the channel's logo really has a letter. It was allowed to add extra stuff, which only TVK Gaming did.

TVK HD, which launched on the same day, used the same logo as the normal channel.

A few channels updated their logo after a time of use because of several reasons.

January 25, 2013 - April 28, 2013 Redigera

TV Kristian Logo 2013

The Thevmedia Key Locking System was installed on ThevBox and on TV Kristian to prevent companies from changing important settings on ThevBox and trying to buy important channels. Most of the normally used channels changed their logo; TVK News refused to change it's logo.

Since January 26, 2013 it is allowed to use a custom logo (eg. use any TV Kristian logo or anything else, only if the owner have permission from the creator) on any channels not owned by Thevmedia.

April 28, 2013 - Redigera

TV Kristian new logo april282013

On April 28, 2013 Thevmedia presented new logos for the TV Kristian logos. They were the same as before, the only changes being that the theme "name" is no longer below "TV Kristian", it is now to the right. The other change was the Thevmedia "e" colour.

TV Kristian
Main channels: TV Kristian | TVK Sport | TVK Fotboll | TVK News | TVK Hockey | TVK Motor | TVK Gaming | TVK Live 1/2/3/4

Radio stations: Radio Kristian | TVK Music

kkrillepapa AB channels (Can join Thevmedia to get full license): kkrillepapa live | kkrillepapa TV

Owned by Hokk tv: Syd tv | hokk 1 | Tvk hokk | Syd tv/Ost tv | Wharynkk TV

Former: Kristian Sport | TVK Musik | TVK Väst | TVK Väst HD | TVK Nord | TVK Nord HD | TVK News | TVK Music HD | TVK News | TVK Sport Xtra | TVK Sport Xtra HD

Other: TVK Party | TVK Comedy | TVK Family | TVK Action | TVK Hits | TVK Drama | TVK Fakta | TVK Emotion | TVK Movies | TVK Xtra | TVK Series | TV Mentoz | TVK Cinema | TVK Fakta XL | TVK Film | TVK Extreme

HD Channels: TVK HD | TVK Sport HD | TVK Fotboll HD | TVK News HD | TVK Fakta HD | Syd tv HD | Ost tv HD | TVK Hockey HD | TVK Motor HD | TVK Live 1 HD | TVK Live 2 HD | TVK Live 3 HD | TVK Live 4 HD | TVK Party HD | TVK Comedy HD | TVK Family HD | TVK Action HD | TVK Hits HD | TVK Drama HD | TVK Emotion HD | TVK Movies HD | TVK Xtra HD | TVK Series HD | TV Mentoz HD | TVK Cinema HD | TVK Fakta XL HD | TVK Film HD | TVK Extreme HD

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