Logo history Redigera

1987 - 1990 Redigera

Megabom Logo 1987

1990 - 1996 Redigera

Megabom Logo 1990

1996 - 2005 Redigera

Megabom Logo 1996

2005 - 2011 Redigera

Megabom Logo 2005

In September 2005, Thevmedia made a new logo to show off the Unga Wii circle. This circle was actually used during this company's early days, but a little different. That one was called "Megabom Circle" and was replaced in 1996 by the Unga Wii circle.

2011 - 2012 Redigera

Megabom Logo 2011

The Unga Wii circle was dropped but the company's name did not.

2012 - 2013 Redigera

Megabom logo 2012

On September 8, 2012 Thevmedia made a new logo for Megabom. They still do what they did before, except one thing... They don't use slogans anymore.

January 19, 2013 - January 26, 2013 Redigera

TVK News Corporation Logo

On January 19, 2013 Megabom was rebranded as TVK News Corporation. Now the company is part of TV Kristian and replaces TVK News (though there's another slot for it, because the original TVK News is now owned by Hokk tv). The logo is the same as the last TVK News logo, but the "N" is on the right, not in the middle, which reveals the full "middle" island.

January 26, 2013 - April 28, 2013 Redigera

TVK News Logo 2013-2

April 28, 2013 - Redigera

TVK News new logo april282013

Unused Logos Redigera

Megabom Logo 2011 with slogan

This logo is like the current one, but with a slogan saying "You. It's me." Now it is "The biggest pirate station in the world". In 2012, newer submitted slogans will be on the web but because Megabom stopped using slogans, you cannot submit in anymore. But if the computer has the line "MEGABOM" and your slogan (Example: "Megatest123"), Megabom will allow you to add it to the list.

Megabom Logo 2008

This logo was used, but Grimun removed it in 2009

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