SVT3 Recrical is a fake channel.

Logo history Redigera

1982-1988 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 1982.PNG The channel was first lanuched as TV9 and got this logo first

1988-1994 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 1988.PNG Improved version

1994-2000 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 1994.PNG Improved version

2000-2001 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 2000.PNG Improved version

2001-2010 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 2009.PNG New style of the logo

2010 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical First Logo 2010.PNG The channel was renamed TVV9 and a "V" was added on the logo

2010 Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Logo 2010.PNG The Adress Logo

2010- Redigera

SVT3 Recrical Third Logo 2010.PNG Current logo with "SVT3" and "Recrical"

Channels that SVT3 Recrical replaced Redigera

  • L14 (August 20, 2010 - December 22, 2010)
  • Skolkanalen (The School Channel) (August 13, 2010 - August 19, 2010)

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