One of Olkov's best friends.
This person's birth name is a Yurkish name. Vladimirsòn is a patronymic, not a family name, this person is referred to by the given name Rsoa in contexts using the birth name.
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Rsoa Jursi
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August 8, 1957, Jallas, Yurka


January 26, 2012, St. Vallas, Yurka

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Rsoa Hiour Jursi, born Rsoa Vladimirsòn was a Friendly Ally Senate Officer, and a best friend of Olkov Armiv. He worked on Vachel Baid from 1972 until his death. He was the President of Yurka from 1999 to 2004.

He was the styrningsmannen of Vabam between 1971 (Vich Van Lahtolo leaves the post, Jursi himself should be too young to enter the post) and 1998 (Olkov Armiv takes over). In 1986, Vabam changed it's name from Vebim; Rsoa Jursi was the styrningsmannen during this time, but Olkov Armiv did the name change.

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Swim Dead Redigera

Rsoa Jursi makes his Vanalker Zoo Tycoon 2 Series debut in Swim Dead, made on October 18, 2010 by Vanalker. When first seen, he wants to go home, but cannot find his car. He then asks the explorer (which appears to be a friend of Rsoa Jursi) to go away, which the explorer refuses to do. Jursi mentions that he is the Cheif of CASEO. After seeing his car being set on fire, he becomes "sad" and is then forced to leave by the explorer, and says he will go to Sweden.

Search of the Dead Man Redigera

In Part 1, Rsoa Jursi only appears in the credits. Additionally, he is listed as a download for some reason.

bbb (How To Hack ZT2 Recorded Videos) Redigera

In this video, Rsoa Jursi is said to have a collection called Rsoa Jursi's Mixed Songs (one song known to be present in it is Lowrider by War, which is even played in the video). Later on, he says "A farm.", and one of the lines mention that his home is located on the left road. Rsoa Jursi appears in the credits as well.

Olkov's Farm Redigera

In Part 1, he has a line, a reference to bbb (How To Hack ZT2 Recorded Videos).

In Part 10, he is sitting along with other people to listen to Olkov Armiv and two others' discussion about some stuff.

In Part 14 - Part 2, he is present in the men's room inside Vachel Baid, a reference to Swim Dead, along with a worker next to him.

Farm Of The Life Redigera

In A River To A Farm, another reference to bbb (How To Hack ZT2 Recorded Videos) is done.

Death Redigera

Rsoa Jursi passed away on January 26, 2012. The cause was never given out. Several Vabam News recordings show Olkov Armiv outside a house on Olkov Street, not so far away from his own home. The recordings were claimed to have proven Rsoa Jursi was in fact not dead. However, Vanalker later changed his mind.