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This person's birth name is a Yurkish name. Johnsòn is a patronymic, not a family name, this person is referred to by the given name Jaim Gemorgsi Hevoxp in contexts using the birth name.
Jaim Pal Påssaision biography.png
Jaim Pal Påssaision
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May 29, 1975, Route Down, Yurka

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Chronological and political information

Jaim Gemorgsi Hevoxp Pal Påssaision Sotamachsi, born Jaim Gemorgsi Hevoxp Johnsòn is a Thevmedia employee living in Route Down.

His last name is supposed to be Påssiasion, but this is not used by Vanalker anymore.

Information Redigera

Main article: Jaim Pal Påssaision/Information

Jaim movies Redigera

Jaim himself is the main person in these movies.

Jaim's Space Adventure Redigera

Main article: Jaim's Space Adventure Part 1

Jaim and Britia are about to drive to Route Down Bowling when they are all of a sudden sent into space.

Jaim's Space Adventure Part 2 Redigera

Main article: Jaim's Space Adventure Part 2

Jaim and Britia continue their unplanned adventure in the Solar System.

Jaim and the Lying Restaurant Redigera

Main article: Jaim and the Lying Restaurant
Jaim Pal Påssaision Jaim and the Lying Restaurant.png

Jaim as he appears in the movie

Jaim enters what looks like a real McDonald's restaurant in Route Down when it turns out that the restaurant owner is doing an evil prank.

Jaim and the Lying Restaurant Part 2 Redigera

Main article: Jaim and the Lying Restaurant Part 2

The restaurant owner from the previous movie is back with yet another restaurant. This time around, Jaim doesn't even do an order, he goes straight to punishing the restaurant owner for his actions.

Jaim's Destination Redigera

Main article: Jaim's Destination

In this yet to be published movie, Jaim does another "adventure".

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