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Logo history Redigera

1998 Redigera

Google logo 1997.PNG

The blue "G" is green here.

Google logo Sept-Oct 1998.png

This is the real logo. It isn't PNG', it's png. PNG is png but different.

1998 - 1999 Redigera


Sometime in October 1998, the logo was changed.

Google! Beta.PNG

During the first days it would use "BETA!" down here.

1999 - 2010 Redigera

Google logo 2007.PNG
These are fake

A lot of fake Google logos with various letters using different colours.

2010 - Redigera

Google site logo.png
Google 2010.PNG

Google got a new logo in 2010. The letters were altered, the shadow was removed and so on.

Google New Makeup Logo.PNG

May not, or may appear.

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