Feier Pictures is a film company founded in 1915. It became 20th Feier in 1935, but reverted to it's original name Feier Pictures on August 18, 1994. Feier Films was founded at the same time but in 2011 it merged into Feier Pictures. Feier Television was founded on May 11, 1935 as 1th Feier Television but on May 31, 1935 it became 20th Feier Television. In August 1978, that was rebranded as Feier Television.

20th Feier Films (1935-1963, 1972-1994)

The original logo used from May 11, 1935 to August 18, 1994. A different font was used from June 18, 1972 to August 18, 1994

20th Feier 1978

The different font logo with "A Film Company" on June 22, 1978, four days after the logo debuted

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