Logo history Redigera

- 1997 Redigera


Canal+ in Scandinavia has its origins in FilmNet which was launched in 1985

1997 - 2004 Redigera

Canal+ logo 1997

FilmNet was aquired by the French Canal+ in 1997, and subsequently took the name of its parent. The different European versions of Canal+ shared essentially the same identities.

The local branches also took the colour-based naming scheme from its parent. FilmNet's second channel, FilmNet 2, was rebranded Canal+ Gul and followed by Canal+ Blå two years later.

Canal+ got rid of its Scandinavian branch in 2003.

2004 - Redigera

Canal+ logo

The new owners soon changed things around, relaunched the channel package on May 1, 2004. Besides the main Canal+ channel, the package would now feature two channels showing only first-run movies (Canal+ Film and Canal+ Film 2), a dedicated sports channel (Canal+ Sport) and an archive film channel (C More Film). At the same time, it would now using a new logo.

Two more channels, Canal+ Film 3 and C More Film 2 were added in 2005.

A major overhaul was made on November 1, 2006. The main Canal+ channel and the C More Film channels were closed down and Canal+ Sport 2 nad Canal+ Mix were started. A new identity package was created by the Munich agency Creation Club. This was the first identity the really depart from the original French one.

The new order didn't last long, because on November 1, 2007, the channels were relaunched again. This time the film channels became more targeted at different genres and were renamed. A new graphic identity was created by Dallas Sthlm

2011 - (Yurka) Redigera

Canal+ Logo 2011

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