Olkov Armiv's brother.
This person's birth name is a Yurkish name. Gheoghsansòn is a patronymic, not a family name, this person is referred to by the given name Loncan in contexts using the birth name.
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Alkov Armiv
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August 17, 1966, St. Vallas, Yurka


September 23, 2011, Vabam Island, Yurka

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Alkov Chris James Armiv, born Loncan Rsoa Veltman Gheoghsansòn was Olkov Armiv's brother and best friend. He died on September 23, 2011 while being in his office on the fourteenth floor inside Two Vabam Trade Center. Just as it collapsed, Alkov had no chance to escape and he died as the floors above fell to the ground.

He worked at one point in St. Vallas Zoo, where he met Jack Boseman and Ceshpaste Hinhana.

Names in other languages Redigera

  • Yurkish (addition of diacritics):
    • Álkóv
    • Álkóv Ármïv

List of appearances Redigera

Olkov's Farm Redigera

Alkov Armiv is the explorer in Olkov's Farm. He begins his adventure sitting in a car with the driver Mr. John. He goes off when he reaches Olkov's Farm, and talks to Olkov before going further into the farm. Trying to find someone, he goes into the farm's barn but as he goes inside, there is no door to the area behind the walls. He goes away from Olkov's Farm to do other stuff.

He goes to Repo Beach to do more stuff. During his way to the lab of the beach, he looks at Chappy Berh sitting on a bench and then enters the lab to check the computer. As he checks the computer, Berh is killed by pirates, causing Alkov to leave the lab. After going back to the coastline, an earthquake occurs, causing the forest to go on fire. Despite the earthquake, the pirates survived and would never go away for all time.

Alkov leaves Repo Beach and goes to The Forest Lab, but then goes back to Olkov's Farm to see that the farm has been attacked. He also notices that some mushrooms were planted since he was gone.

A Good Day Redigera

As Alkov takes a break, Olkov enters the Learning Center, causing Alkov to take a closer look using his camera. After a while, he enters the Learning Center when Olkov talks about a lot of things.

Animal World Redigera

Alkov was excepted to appear in Animal World as the explorer, like in Olkov's Farm and A Good Day, but Animal World was never made or recorded.

According to Animal World's Swedish YaberOlan Wiki page[1], Alkov would be the main character, with John The Monkey being the other one. The plot of the first part was actually published.

Death Redigera

Alkov Armiv was busy working at the 14th floor of Two Vabam Trade Center when it collapsed on September 23, 2011 at about 1:48 PM. He was killed by the collapsing floors.

Olkov Armiv, his invincible brother, had a strong negative reaction to the event. He said to himself, "Alkov... A lifeless body now lies inside the remains of Two Vabam Trade Center. Now I don't have a brother anymore!! What should I do? Never mind, I can solve this on my own.".

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